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Adopting a Shelter/Rescue Dog: The Official Guide – 2015 Edition This free book is designed to be a quick and easy-to-read primer on must-know information for anyone adopting a new shelter pet! There is so much information available about adopting dogs out there that trying to know what to do can become an overwhelming obstacle. Download your FREE COPY HERE.… Continue reading »

The Benefits of Using Flexpetz Discount Coupons

Flexpetz discount coupons are an incredible help for dog owners who want to purchase an electric fences for dogs cost in a mark down price. An automatic dog door is certainly one of the top choices if you are looking for the right device that you can use to contain your dog. As you know, coupon is an amazing promotional strategy that is used by most manufacturers and suppliers to effectively attract customers. With the constant inflation of most goods in the market and due the recession, it is a fact that everyone wanted to save money, even the ones who can afford.

Coupons are traditionally available in paper but as the internet technology has changed the landscape of marketing, shopping codes online is emerging to help people to save online and also to acquire the right product when shopping.

One of the best benefits of using online code is that the product itself has the right discount and even offers free shipping. Convenience when shopping is also one of the best advantages of Flexpetz discount coupons. As you know, online retailers are willing to offer such service to provide the right discount.

Another benefit of using a discount is the chance to avail of the buy one take one or get some freebies or extras scheme. This is an incredible means for you to assure that you can save when purchasing a product.

Another great benefit of using a coupon code is the opportunity for you to be able to get the right convenience. Additionally, most of the coupons are also a very convenient way to get the best time for you to buy the product that you need.

The coupon codes are also very simple to find. All you need to do is to go online and look for the Flexpetz discount that you need. Otherwise, you only need to browse the Flexpetz in order to get the right discount all you need.

Flexpetz is certainly a great help for dog owners who are looking for reliable and dependable electric invisible fence Orlando. You can always assure that the quality of the product is surely obtainable. This is an essential aspect that you always need to remember.

In conclusion, once you find the best Flexpetz discount or promo codes that can help you buy the items without spending too much by getting the right discount.


Dog Fences: Is It Significant?

dog fence advantagesNowadays, there are lot of news out there that some children are being bitten by dangerous dogs. How are we going to protect our family member or even the neighborhood in the community? How can we warn them to beware of dogs?

Well, there are different ways to lessen these kind of accidents from happening in one community. It’s either, the children are guided by their parents not to enter someone’s property they didn’t know, or not to run when there is dog that is very aggressive.

Dog owners should be very careful about his responsibility as a dog owner. It is the owner who will be put into blame if the victim was bitten by the dog accidentally. If you want to prevent this from happening, buy invisible dog fences for your pets.

Today, there are different kinds of dog fences being used by the owner. There are the wooden, metal and electric dog fences wires. You can easily search for this online. You will surely get overwhelmed with all the choices that you have. Make sure to find the best one for your dog. A bark collar is also a great consideration for those who have repetitive barkers.

Some used dog fences made from metals because it is being used by common dog owners. It is very durable and can stay for a long period of time. But in the rural areas most of the people living there are using bamboo to lock their dog at home and to protect their family and help their neighbors as well. Everyone takes part on the responsibility of being a dog lover.

Considering the technology that we have today, getting dog fences for your dog is easy. You can search for items online and buy it there at the same time. If you will do this, the dog fences that you ordered will be delivered right into your home’s doorsteps. You will not worry about it getting damaged because it will be shipped properly. They will ensure that you will get the invisible dog fence wire in good shape so that you can effectively use it to protect your dog.

Protecting your dog is made easy because of technology and advance transaction style today. Purchase dog fences today because it is very significant for your dog. It will determine his boundaries so that you will not get into trouble. The dog will stay in one area and will not cause any injury to other people. See shock collars for dogs review site for good deals, amazon is also a good source for reviews. Repetitive barking dogs can drive you crazy especially if you have an inconsiderate neighbor. Individual dog fence collars can be purchased in a kit or by themselves.

Jesus Pets Proudly welcomes Flexpetz as a new member and sponsor for displaced dogs during the rapture

Plenty of research is required when you are seeking a good electric fence for dogs to safeguard your precious pet dog or cat. All the companies which are selling this system may not be the right one, a wrong choice may cause major problems for your dog. Most invisible companies offer do-it-yourself kits with dog training manuals or videos to their customers. The kit usually consists of a transmitter or controller, a dog collar with receiver, flags and testing tool. The flags are used to create the boundary within the radius specified by you and set in the transmitter. To find the right company to buy this system from you should investigate certain factors.

Features to look for in companies

The first thing to investigate in an dog fence is the quality of the system produced by them. Though there are many companies offering this system, many of them sell low quality products. They will not be long lasting and will have various other problems that you may have to deal with. You can go the website of each company and read the reviews, which will provide you with ideas about the quality of their products. You can also visit some of them test the invisible fencing system by yourself.

Some of the companies which offer invisible fences for sale may be into this business just for profits and not for any love for these animals. They may not be able to provide you with dog psychology or dog training guidelines as the company owners may be having only book knowledge about them. The right underground dog fence will have deep knowledge about the ways to train your dog with the receiver collar. Every dog has to be trained in a different way because all of them do not have the same characteristics.

Jesus Pets Proudly welcomes into our organization. Flex pets has offered to provide free dog fence systems for all of its members when the rapture comes. The ability for a ruptured dog to use the yard freely when the rapture takes place will give Jesus pets the ability to quickly service all members and take better care of individual pets. We proudly thank flexpetz for their help and sponsorship. Please visit flexpetz the dog fencing wire specialists.

Customer care

The hidden dog fence company that you choose should provide excellent customer care service because the nature of this system. You should get sufficient help whenever you need to make this system work in the correct way. You are fencing a living thing and if there is failure in the system, you may end up harming it. The behavior of dogs keep changing and if you find that the system is not as effective as before, you should get help from the company immediately. The company you select should be willing to help you at all times.

Find a dog fence which will continue to help and serve you after sales. With quality system and guidance for training your dog, you will have a happy and secure experience with this system of containing pets. By following these specific instructions for selecting a company for invisible fencing, you will have a good idea and you will be able to install the electronic pet fence correctly. Always opt for companies which have a good reputation and are better known than the smaller companies which offer cheaper rates. Since it is a matter of the safety of your pet, choosing the best company is better for your peace of mind.

Jesus Pets Legal Agreement

Written by JesusPets
Monday, 22 March 2004 

JesusPets Customer Agreement

This document is an agreement between {customer} (“CUSTOMER”) and (“JESUSPETS”) under the following conditions:

  1. JESUSPETS is engaged in the business of providing comfort to proprietors of domesticated animals by establishing plans for the caretaking of such animals in the future event of THE RAPTURE.
  1. CUSTOMER desires to obtain the comfort provided by JESUSPETS.
  1. PETS are one or more domesticated animals currently owned by CUSTOMER, and owned at the occurrence of THE RAPTURE. PETS may include domesticated animals commonly referred to as “dogs,” “cats,” “birds,” and “fish.” Other common pets such as hamsters, gerbils, hedgehogs, lizards, and iguanas may also be acceptable at the discretion of JESUSPETS. Illegal exotic pets will NOT be considered.
  1. THE RAPTURE is defined as an event in which several unmistakable actions occur and are reported by whatever information mediums continue to be reasonably available:
  1. A significant number of people worldwide, including CUSTOMER, suddenly disappear from Earth.
  2. The countries of the world, or at least Europe, will consolidate around a single world leader that will force everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark of his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark

In consideration of the mutual promises, covenants and agreements contained herein, the parties have agreed and do agree as follows:

1)      CUSTOMER agrees to provide updated contact information, and to keep that contact information updated.

2)      Should THE RAPTURE occur, JESUSPETS will attempt to contact CUSTOMER.

3)      Should JESUSPETS be unable to contact CUSTOMER, JESUSPETS will attempt to obtain the living PETS owned by CUSTOMER, and bring those pets into the custody of JESUSPETS.

4)      If JESUSPETS is able to obtain living PETS, JESUSPETS will use any remaining resources available to provide food and shelter for PETS, for the duration of the remaining natural life of PETS.

5)      If it can be shown that PETS or CUSTOMER deceased before THE RAPTURE occurred, then JESUSPETS is not responsible for the care of PETS.

6)      If the CUSTOMER remains alive and on Earth after the rapture has occurred, JESUSPETS is not responsible for the care of PETS.

7)      CUSTOMER agrees to pay to JESUSPETS a monthly fee from the time of this agreement until the RAPTURE occurs or the PETS are deceased.

8)      JESUSPETS reserves the right to change the fees as necessary, and will notify CUSTOMER at the given contact information.

9)   JESUSPETS reserves the right to remove other pet-related items from CUSTOMERS household that might assist in caretaking for PETS (such as leashes, food bowls, aquariums, and so on).

10) While JESUSPETS will do its best to care for PETS, it cannot be held responsible for unforseen injuries or death to PETS, should rampant fires, acid rain, sudden earthquakes or other features of the post-apocalytic times be to difficult to overcome.

11) Should non-Christian family members, neighbors, or friends of CUSTOMER express an interest in caretaking of PETS, JESUSPETS reserves the right to leave the PETS in their custody after an evaluation of the living conditions and care to be provided.

This Agreement is effective as of {date}.


Full name:




Full name:



What is Jesus Pets?

What is JesusPets?
Written by Administrator
Sunday, 21 March 2004
Who is going to care for your pets after you are raptured into heaven?
Many Christians believe that animals do not go to heaven. So when Jesus comes back and you return with him to heaven, will there be somebody to take care of your dog or cat?
If you have a non-Christian family member, they might take care of your pet, but if not, have you made any plans? Imagine being taken to streets of gold while your dog starves to death walking around in his own feces trapped in your small house or apartment, subject to fire and earthquakes or even being eaten by heathens searching for any remaining morsel of food. Do you want that to happen?
With the imminent collapse of the global economy and rampant godlessness, even the community shelters will not have the resources to care for your poor, hungry animals. So you need to make preparations.
That’s what JesusPets is for. We are assembling a community of heathen pet-lovers to care for pets that are “left-behind.” We are coordinating with feed mills and kennels in preparation for your post-apocalyptic pet care needs.